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Of course, Izzy must make copy first but after that…" She trailed off as she saw Cody and, to the shock of everyone, actually calmed down. Harold says that at first, he thought Leshawna was really loud, but he soon realized that she is his soulmate. Izzy doesn't seem to believe that Trent is still in a relationship with Gwen, after the incident between him and Heather, almost similar to how Gwen reacts when she sees Trent again in The Very Last Episode, Really! You've all cast your votes and made your decision. The characters that vote for Leshawna are:

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Chef dumps a stunned Leshawna into the Boat of Losers.

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Haute Camp-ture

Courtney says that she wants Duncan to win, and though she tries to hide her true feelings, it's evident to everyone that she likes him. DJ talks about Duncan while taking care of Bunny Like Harold and Leshawna. Then, in one swift movement, crashed his lips to the younger's. Owen and Duncan trying to enjoy themselves at Camp Wawanakwaas Heather and Gwen get chased by a bear. She then hits Ezekiel, who is trying to make a move on her.

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izzy off total drama island nude
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