Low sperm counts after vas reversal

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After you return home, take it easy and try to limit any activities that might cause the testicles to move around excessively. Thank you for your time. My husband had a reversal 3 years ago. Talk to your doctor about any factors that might affect your ability to get your partner pregnant. This will expose the tube that carries sperm vas deferens and release it from surrounding tissues. There are many factors that contribute to a successful outcome.

Most women need more than simply zero sperm to get that bun in the oven.

A fifteen-year study of alterations in semen quality occurring after vasectomy reversal.

Some men have a second-attempt vasectomy reversal surgery if the procedure doesn't work the first time. He has had multiple tests and all have given similar results. The likelihood of achieving pregnancy depends on various factors, including the length of time that passed since the vasectomy and the female partner's age. This is because of the additional steps involved in reattaching the two ends of the vas deferens to each other. Just so you know, unless his health has changed considerably since he last had kids, the sperm should be fine.

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