Magnifacation needed to see sperm

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I would get a digital microscope. We have self-serve user flair. Aug 1, 1. Iodine are for glycogen testing glycogen in cell forms a starch-iodine complexthe colour reveals how much glycogen deposits it has. The 4 probably means 4x, plus your eyepiece gives another 10x to make 40x. Do I need any special equipment to view sperm?

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And is it necessary to prepare the sample semen in any way to support optimal viewing?

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Sperm under Microscope

Aug 1, 2. The best magnification you can get is x 10x x 40xwhich I'm guessing will make it hard to see spermatozoa clearly. Some stains are used to determine which cells are dead, since the metabolism of the dye and thus colour shifting depend on the cell beeing alive. The smallest objects that the unaided human eye can see are about 0. You can see 'em at x, although it's more fun the higher you go. Want to add to the discussion?

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magnifacation needed to see sperm
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magnifacation needed to see sperm
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