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I then make a mask on a top layer to control where I want to eliminate movement both for the feel of a photograph and to lower output file size. Just don't think GIF works well enough to convey the elegance needed for wedding photography. Also, my phone came with a cinemegraph app built in, which I hadn't ever used because I didn't know what the hell it was. Also, I just really love the choppy stop-motion look. Maybe I'm being hyper critical, but it just looks like a gimmick. Jimmy Vann - August 26, This is awesome. I got a little into creating lego and clay stop-motion movies as a kid.

Hmmm seems very gimmicky.

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It was pure chance as I came across his info simply looking up Detroit wedding and event photographers. I like the ability to control the look with slower shutter speeds too. Dudley Didereaux - August 14, An awful lot of work to produce something of questionable value. Martin Valdes - August 14, A little bit creepy at first but I can see the appeal. Jimmy Vann - August 26, This is awesome. I do get the feeling that in the next 20 years the photos in our homes will be more like this.

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