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How effectually she keeps them down, whenever they express any dissatisfaction with the happiness she forces upon them! Warlord was created by the great Mike Grell and told the story of a Vietnam War pilot who flew through a hole in the Earth to the kingdom of Skartaris. Vikings wore scale mail that covered most of their bodies, if available. The world of webcomics is a great place for less popular genres to flourish, and J. In a later panel Conan is wearing the same type of ineffective leather vest that others were killed in.

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But the cover picture shows him in loin cloth and fur cloak, with nary a bit of armor to protect his hide. One of his allies there is Shakira, a nubile barbarian woman with the ability to shapeshift into a black cat. Of all the barbarians I read about, only the Celts would go into battle without some kind of protection. The world of webcomics is a great place for less popular genres to flourish, and J. A country boy who has been working and building the finest line of Southern Heritage Apparel the world has ever seen. The game sold a stunning 55, copies on the Commodore Amiga, but in the pantheon of female barbarians, Shardan rests pretty near the bottom.

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