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With her Cyndi Lauper style clothes and hair, to her take-no-shit attitude and her That being said, I can't deny that she's one of the most memorable hotties in the entire franchise. Plus, it must be noted that she set an important precident in the Friday the 13th legacy; giving us the first of many skinny dipping scenes. I'll do that crazy robot dance with you all night long! That alone earns her a place on this list. Plus, she looks great in that blue bikini.

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From complaining about Boris, her step-father or as she calls him "the asshole" to riding her boyfriend like a Harley and demanding that he keep going through some ten-minute s synth epic, Nikki makes her brief moments in the film memorable ones.

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Another day at boob camp

Violet, I don't care what anyone says. Sandra's look harkens back to a time when these films were still trying to be real movies and not the parodies of slasher cliches they became. Plus, she's one of the few Jason victims who manages to keep her head when things start going wrong; finding quick solutions to car troubles. Plus, he's in a wheelchair which makes him all the more sympathetic. Sadly, that same head is smashed through a mirror not long after that, but at least she tried. So, with that out of the way and keeping in mind that this is solely my opinion, I give you the Ranking the Hottest Ladies of Friday the 13th.

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boob camp movie
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boob camp movie
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