Husband wears pantyhose as punishment

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Although there would have been nothing out of the ordinary about a Husband forced to wear wifes pantyhose wearing stockings and suspenders when they wifs generally regarded as everyday attire, many women are now sadly reluctant to consider them as anything other than bedroom attire, pantyhoe saucy to be worn out and about. If you've already put him in pantyhose, you may have noticed that some of his male underwear isn't best suited to being worn underneath such hosiery, nor is wearing it over his nylons particularly viable. It's well worth spending a little extra in order to extend the life of your husband's nylons, although expensive brand names don't necessarily equate with quality in this regard - more generic hosiery can often be just as good, if not better, at a fraction of the price. A woman who holds her hosiery up with a garter belt is therefore said to be wearing stockings and suspenders - a phrase that trips off the tongue easily in contrast to the alternatives, and thus used here. If your husband is already going out for a pint of milk and a loaf of bread, simply ask him to pick up some pantyhose for you while he's there.

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Despite being perfectly practical to wear everyday, they share many of the erotic connotations of traditional suspender stockings, not least as a result of their often lusciously lacy tops ending tantalisingly far up the thigh.

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Strict wife makes long suffering husband pay for his errors

For traditional stockings, it may prove necessary to look more up market, or to turn to one of many online suppliers who cater for this niche market. The combination of hirsute legs that are taller and yet narrower than those of a woman can make hold-up stockings particularly problematic for some men, yet others find they can wear them without any undue trouble. To watch the video you need to enable Javascript in your browser. With his trousers rubbing against them as he moves, you can be sure that he won't forget the presence of his nylons even when they're all covered up, snugly embracing not just part of his legs but the entire bottom half of his body. We've already touched on how having your husband wear stockings in the bedroom may be used to introduce him to foundation wear, but most garter belts also come with matching panties and bras, allowing you to expand your husband's playwear to include all the lingerie a woman might wear in a perfectly natural way - especially if you treat yourself to something nice at the same time, leaving your husband in no doubt how effective coordinated lingerie can be before encouraging him to don his own.

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husband wears pantyhose as punishment
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husband wears pantyhose as punishment
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