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Is Jesse Metcalfe gay? R48 pic Jesse was beautiful. I tell you girls would rather their idol be gay that a asshole womanizing cheating jerk. At first, I made him gay, and then I made him ungay when he got all those hideously, disgustingly, ugly tattoos. We don't hear much about Jesse theses days, do we? The man must be bi because I read so much from other people who have claimed the guy is a switch hitter? He tries so hard to make people think he's straight - even with a tattoo of his ex-beard.

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If I want to think he's gay, I will.

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Is Jesse Metcalfe gay?

But he got to do jazz hands in the third Spidey movie in return. OH r27, you have way too much time on your hands. What, precisely, do you find oddly shaped about them, and what do they look like to you? Jake is eternally tiresome, closeted and a gonad. I wonder if he's hung and uncut? She'd be better off with a chick imo.

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