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Brought in to star in Total Divas as a new WWE employee with no experience trying to make her way in the company, Eva Marie is one of the last women brought into the company strictly for her looks. Someone that was brought in for eye candy alone, she was used as the valet of a tag team made up of Test and Albert that she managed to eclipse before too long. Cancel Go to Site. Infinitely likable, she oozes personality from her every pore and seems like a joy to be around. Paige is one of the most talented women in the history of the WWE from an in-ring standpoint probably because she was brought up in the industry by two parents who were wrestlers themselves. That said, she is still great at the thing that earned her job in the first place, looking great. These days seen most prominently as one of the hosts of Talking Smackshe is a big part of the reason that a lot of fans see that show as the highlight of the WWE week.

That said, they have really found their true calling when it comes to moving images of beautiful women, after all this is the internet, the place to find anything that can be construed as sexy.

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One of the more controversial performers in WWE history, Melina is remembered for several things. Still, there is no doubt that she was involved in her fair share of memorable WWE moments so at least we have that to look back on and enjoy. At the end the winner gets to strapon bang the loser. After all, she looks better in their goods than any of the litany of emaciated models that are typically used these days. A clip taken from a video of her that was uploaded to the YouTube page she shares with her twin sister Brie, it shows her lounging and eating in a locker room at a WWE event.

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